This is a space dedicated to the projects I'm currently working on as well as the ones that have yet to materialize.  I'm always coming up with ideas to solve a problem, explore something new, help someone out, or just to make a buck...and I've decided that this is the perfect venue to share my dreams.  Feel free to offer advice, critiques, or to jump on board yourself!  I love to meet and interact with people who share my passions!


Have a problem?
        I have a solution.

Employers love me because I  never address problems without without offering at least one solution. From business to relationships to fashion and travel: I've solved a lot of problems. Should you need a solution anytime soon, don't hesitate to ask: ShirahEden(at)


Life in the Clouds

A documentary on the lessons I learned during three incredible months in Nepal in Summer 2012. Watch it now on Vimeo:

Of Mountains, Monks, and Milk Tea from shirah-eden on Vimeo.


PdP 2012 Team Arcticum

I'm in the process of a year-long development project with a team of 9 designers, engineers, and innovators at the Aalto Design Factory.  We're working to develop devices which apply the patented Nordic Hug arctic berry formula to touchscreens and in the process both disinfecting and polishing them in one easy step. You can follow our progress on the Team Arcticum blog.

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