Thursday, March 05, 2009

goals for 2009

  1. consistently exercise 6 days/week
  2. compile & start editing my travel journal
  3. travel to Africa
  4. pay off my credit card completely and start the new decade debt free
  5. maintain my 3.88 gpa
  6. read three books that were not assigned for a class
  7. plan my trip to Francis Schaeffer's international center for Christian studies: l'Abri in Switzerland
  8. start a portfolio of paintings and photography
  9. start playing my flute again
  10. get to a point where God is consistently the first resource I turn to when facing challenges
  11. go on a three-day backpacking trip somewhere in the country
  12. spend more time than the current yearly average of 4 weeks with my family in Oregon
  13. visit the Grand Ole Opry
  14. go to a beach on the US' southern coast
  15. find a new hobby

I'm not quite sure that traveling to Africa is very conducive to paying off my credit I might have to prioritize there. bummer.


  1. if you ever need an exercise partner;)...

  2. yes ma''ll be the first I call. I'm getting back into tennis, my Russian friend Natalia just mentioned she's been looking for someone to play with for a while, and we seem to be and the same level of horrible-ness on the court, so I think we'll make a good pair. haha :)


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