Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Life is Beautiful

Since returning from my 40-Day Journey across America (which was amazing, by the way) I haven't done much besides write the two zillion essays I've been assigned while frequenting my favorite café, Panera Bread, where not only is the food good, but the free wifi is such a perk.

But, all good things come to an end. As my last essay's due date quickly approaches, I'm preparing to turn my attention to more traditional (and purely joyous) summer activities, such as watermelon seed-spitting contests, new apartment decor shopping, toenail painting, evening walks, back to school hair cuts, pleasure reading, photography, and getting back to my up-with-the-sun workout regimen.

Last night I watched, for the second time ever, a movie that is a story that I have cherished for years: Life is Beautiful. It is the story of a father's unconditional love and ultimate self-sacrifice for his wife and son, a story that brings me to tears just by thinking about it. When I start to get disappointed by a foiled plan or unexpected road bump, this is the story that immediately humbles me but simultaneously inspires me and makes my heart sing. I hope you'll take any opportunity to watch.

This was a great introduction to my first day of summer -- as today really is my first. Now that I'm inspired and reminded to enjoy the simple things in life, this summer is going to be even more beautiful.

I was just checking my email, updating myself with the news and blogs I follow, and doing that whole morning routine when I came across a new video on the blog of a French family that I follow.
The mom is a fantastic photographer and videographer, and has quite possibly the most adorable little girl I've ever seen--Capucine, age 5. She's part of the Vimeo community: a website that hosts strictly homemade videos. But don't be fooled, this isn't your typical family home video website--many of the contributors are professionals and create breathtaking montages using techniques such as stop-motion. Capucine's unique perspective on life and her mother's creative work brighten every day. Here's what they have for us today.... Enjoy!

July 09 from Capucha on Vimeo.

A random mix of July Happiness.
Music : The good life- T. Myers


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