Friday, September 10, 2010

GERMAN word of the Day

My German friend, Svea, is a Musical Education major studying abroad at Belmont this semester.  Today at lunch she was telling me that she was a little bit nervous about leading vocal warm-ups for her women's choir, as her professor had asked that she prepare one for today.

So she pulled out her prep sheet and was walking me through it.  One of the exercises was labeled "lip chattering."  I inquired as to what that was, and she couldn't describe it, but made the sound.  She meant the thing where you put your lips together and blow air through them.  I couldn't remember if there's an English word for that, but told her to say "flubber" or "blubber" your lips.  hehe

Anyways, I learned that there is a German word for precisely that action.  

It's called Lippenflattern!

Thanks, Svea, for a truly educational moment. :)


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