Thursday, March 03, 2011

Moscow Bound

I just got back from the train station; I have tickets for the overnight train to Moscow tomorrow! My Russian professor would be super-proud of the way I obtained these tickets: all in Russian and all on my own!  The real test will come tomorrow when I'll have to actually decipher the cryptic ticket in order to find the right platform, the right train, the right wagon, the right compartment, and the right bunk! That's right, since it's an overnight sleeper train, I'll get my very own bunk.  Some friends who came up from Moscow on the night train last weekend spent the entire 8 hours drinking and chatting with a bunch of Russian students. Not my idea of the best way to start a long weekend of sightseeing, so hopefully I'll be in a compartment full of little old babushka's who'll let me curl up with my Kindle and get some rest.
It's a four-day weekend since Women's Day is next Tuesday, March 8th, and the Russians like to take off the "bridge days" when a holiday falls in the middle of the week....what better time to visit the capital city?

On my must-see list: the Red Square, the Kremlin (hopefully a tour of the inside!), St. Basil's Cathedral, Lenin's Tomb, a ballet at the Bolshoi, the beautiful metro stations, and some busy Moscovites running around like crazy (Moscow is known for being very fast-paced and business-oriented -- at least in comparison to St. Pete.)

I'm dizzy just looking at the metro map. Good thing I arrive at 4am - the metro will be closed so I won't feel bad about splurging on a taxi fare. Now I just have to spot a cab driver who doesn't want to kidnap and sell me into slavery or a sex trafficking ring.  Wish me luck!

Miche: Je vais passer le weekend à Moscou!  Gros bisous, tu verras certainement les photos quand je rentre.


  1. Can't wait to hear all about this adventure!!!


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