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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Fall Foto Frenzy

Autumn in Nashville always inspires me to pull out my camera that's been tucked away since my return from summer travels.  I feel compelled by the beauty around me to capture a snapshot of what feels like nature's annual celebration; the trees seem to put on their best outfits and even the sky steps up to the occasion with a deep blue, cloudless background that provides incredible contrasts with the reds and golds nearer the earth. 

During October and November my point-and-shoot never leaves my purse; I keep it at an arm's length so that opportunities to soak in the Tennessee magic are never missed.
Here are some highlights from this week...


I stepped out the door at 6.30 on Thursday morning and was greeted
by a world bathed in eerie pink light. This is my front yard, backlit
by the sun rising through clouds behind me. Twenty minutes later the
rain clouds above broke and it poured.  

One of my favorite things about getting to work early: watching the sun rise from the top floor of the 28-story
building I work in downtown at the Department of Commerce. 

Belmont's quad.  My favorite tree on campus.


  1. Shirah, your photos are wonderful! Thank you for sharing them with us.
    The red tree is amazing and I LOVE the little bird! xo


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