Thursday, March 29, 2012

Am I MTV material?

I never thought I would hear myself respond to a typical "What have you been up to?" with...
"Oh, you know, I just auditioned for an MTV reality show."

And yet, today was that day. The show is "Made" - where(with the help of a personal coach and film crew entourage) average people get made into something they've always wanted to be...skateboarders, musicians, dancers, etc.  And apparently some segment of the American population is interested. Take a look...

My goal is to compete in a ballroom competition at the bronze (lowest) level. The interview was actually a lot of fun!  Maybe one day I just might get a call...who knows?


  1. But you're already soooo busy! You need to clone yourself so Shirah One can finish school and travel while Shirah Two can do a gazillion other things. :)


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