Saturday, January 31, 2009

the blog is here to stay

So I've been experimenting a lot with this whole blogging thing, and up until now it's just been too difficult and time-consuming to do on a regular basis. E-mailing was just easier! But, thanks to some amazing technological trail blazers (Dad, Whit...) I've finally figured it out and got all the kinks worked out, so now it's a no-stress, easy way to keep up with everyone!

I'm sorry dad, I know you have a great blog and I would so use your Perideo server, except for the fact that I'm a huge troubleshooter and seem to always have the most weird blog problems, so I just had to go commersh! But I'll be sure to link to your blog from mine.

And hey...btw, did anybody else not know that you can set it up so that blogger automatically sends an email to your readers (well, only 10 of them) when you post a new post! Thanks for the tip Whitters!

Until the next post, I'm over and out ;)


  1. I don't feel I'm a 'technological trailblazer' by any means, but I kinda like the sound of that;).

    I'm just glad you're back...I'm looking forward to reading:)!!!

    Love ya girl,


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