Monday, January 26, 2009

My life in The BU (kinda like The OC, but better) ;-)

So....just a quick update....
I just completed my RA application for next year. Hopefully I'll be in a Freshman dorm!
If I make the first cut I'll interview in a few weeks, so wish me luck! :)

Also of interest... (perhaps)
  • Next week all the utensils in my house will be replaced with chopstix
  • I cut my bangs today, so now I have actual bangs.
  • My roommates and I made AMAZING Chicken Fettucine Marsala Alfredo, and there's still a bunch left, so come on over!
Over and out!


  1. 1.) don't you need wineeee to make chicken marsala;)?

    2.) chopstix are overrated...way too difficult! haha, kidding.

    3.) i bet you look gggreat with bangs! i can't wait to see you today:)!

    4.) v and i ate almost all of your biscotti in about a day and a half;)

  2. 1.) Actually, I have no idea what the chicken pasta thing was...only that it was DELISH. It was one of my roommates' friends that came over to make it for us. :)

    2.) Making eating difficult is the whole point...using chopstix is an easy way to lose ten pounds in a week :P

    3.) Why thank you, I'm likin' the bangs myself. ;)

    4.) My aunt will be so happy...I'll let her know that she has new fans!

    5.) See you at GIRLS NIGHT!!


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