Thursday, February 12, 2009

have you ever had one of those days where everything just went smoothly? know, as if the day had been rehearsed and then played out to its fullest potential.
Yep, that day was today.

I woke up to the most beautiful sunrise. My apartment, conveniently located at the top level of the highest building on the biggest hill for miles around, features an east-facing balcony offering a 180 degree view of beautiful east Nashville. Every morning the fiery red ball shows up to beckon me out of a slumber and fills my room with a pinkish glow. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this last week, so my early morning jaunt to the gym was more than pleasant. Something about the warm breeze, soft glow, and birds chirping this morning took me straight back to Australia.

Once situated at a comfortable pace on the treadmill, I pulled out some required reading for my Honors Colloquium and was pleasantly surprised by the good-natured tone of the book; before I knew it I had burned 500 calories, finished the assignment, and the time had flown! What a nice way to start off the day.

I got home and was treated to a hot shower since practically no one else in the building was up yet to use all the hot water; my hair somehow did exactly what I wanted it to do; I relatively quickly found something matching to wear; and my egg was cooked to perfection when I flipped it onto my plate. Bliss.

I left to campus early so I could meet with several faculty about different projects: First I stopped off at the university's Fundraising/Development department to get some fundraising tips for the 40 Days Across America trip I'm taking with the Sociology Dept. this summer. To my amazement, one lady offered to contact the university's Corporate Sponsorship and Marketing Departments as well as several other faculty in order to get the best advice and any new ideas for our group. How kind of her!

After an especially delicious hummus & veggie wrap in the caf, I headed up to the Entrepreneurship Center to go over my Public Relations Industry Analysis with my genius professor. This is the first class I've gone into without really knowing all the answers, so it's been a hard adjustment to have to work so hard to understand the material. But apparently I'm doing some things right -- Dr. S gave me a big compliment and said I'm actually way ahead of most of my classmates. So nice to hear...I can't stand falling behind!

As this especially productive afternoon got underway, I managed to get a ton of research done for several different classes. My only class for the day didn't start until 3:30pm and then got out early, so I had more than enough time to beat the rush hour traffic on my way to dinner with Whit. Convenient!

Oh and this is good....Whitney just happened to mention a new FroYo shop opening soon, so we checked it out online and it turns out they're an awesome company (featuring 100+ healthy flavors) and are currently hiring for the new location a few blocks from Belmont. I've been looking for a job for the whole first half of the semester, and I keep running into dead ends, so I would be so grateful if this worked out! I'll be calling them tomorrow morning :)

Some Russian girls came in while I was studying at Panera and it was so cool -- I understood a lot! I almost went up and talked to them, but from what I gathered one girl was having some serious relationship problems and was homesick for Russia, so I decided that an enthusiastic American girl with less than fluent language skills is probably not someone she would be interested in talking to at the moment. But it was still cool to see that I'm actually learning a lot in class!

And of course, to finish off a great day....all my favorite songs were on the radio on my way home :)

I hope your day was as full of joy as mine was!


  1. i think i might know who's opening the tasti d lite....i'm pretty sure it's either my boss (go freakin' figure) or a guy who works here...the same guy who i learned of the froyo place from...he now has stacks of tasti d lite manuals on his desk!!


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