Monday, February 09, 2009

I may have a new fave....

I was intrigued when I heard Wynonna was going to be doing a free concert at Belmont. What I didn't know was how fantastic it was going to be! She's so real, it's very refreshing. The night started off with "The Insiders View" taped interview, which I assume will air on a major network sometime soon. She is such an interesting person, coming from a very modest background (as do many of previous generations' country stars) and then, by 16, having to deal with all the pressures that come from being rich and famous. She was very open about her spending problem that almost depleated her entire savings a few years, and I think was a great example--a big reality check--for many of the very talented students here at Belmont hoping to become rich and famous overnight.

Wynonna has such an amazing range, and her voice is really something special.
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  1. i'm so, SO glad you enjoyed it, little shirah:)!

    p.s. the 'insider's view' is a belmont muzz buzz seminar series, so unfortunately it won't be airing;)...they totally should air it though:)!


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