Saturday, June 06, 2009

Day 1 - Memphis - 08:15

I don't think I've been this awake and excited for something at 2am in a long time. We boarded the bus this morning at 4am and pulled out at 5. Most everybody, like me, finished packing after 11:30pm last night and so either got 3 hours of sleep or none at all. So we all found our bunks pretty quickly and tried to fall asleep to the hum of the many bus wheels on pavement and other assorted road noises. Our driver, Reuben, (he'll be in one of the pictures coming up here) warned that it might take up to two weeks to get accustomed to sleeping on the bus. Not me! My little cubby-hole bunk is pretty comfy!

We just pulled off the interstate - possibly for a bathroom break? Not quite sure where we are; I'm one of only a few that are awake. I've never been to Memphis and don't know much about it--only that Forbes ranks it as the #2 most dangerous country in America, following Detroit (which we will be visiting shortly as well).

It looks like we're picking up the smaller rental van for that we will be using to get around the city. It's time to get ready to go! More on Memphis after we visit.


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