Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Fever

It's been absolutely gorgeous here for several days now.  The humidity hasn't set in, and the slightly breezy 80 degree days are driving everyone crazy with spring fever!  Finals aren't for a few weeks yet, so we've been taking good advantage of this nice change in weather...
Last week was Greek Week on campus, so all 6 of our fraternities and sororities were in high gear.  Every night there was some kind of fundraiser, concert, ultimate frisbee game or giant obstacle course for the gang to tackle.  A lot of the girls on my floor are in sororities, so it was fun to watch them come back giddy and laughing from all the fun!  Oh, and I should mention that Belmont is a dry campus, so our Greek life parties are overall a wholesome experience!
I've just stumbled upon the website where Belmont's professional photographer archives all the events and speakers on campus, so I must give him credit for these photos.  Here's a great one featuring a beautiful Tennessee sunset...


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