Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Something is seriously wrong with me.
Monday night I got only 3.5 hours sleep, as I had two big deadlines on Tuesday: a big study abroad grant application, and a 10 page paper on Machiavelli to write & then give a 25 minute presentation on (which I found out about only last Thursday).

I met the deadline for the grant, and the presentation went really well, but then I had to face 3 hours of Marketing/Business law from 2-5 pm.  On a normal day it's hard to stay awake in Business Law, It's after lunch in a dark, warm guy in the front row routinely naps through the better part of each class.  So running on half my normal sleep, I knew I needed an extra boost.  

Desperate for energy, I bought a 20 oz. sugar free AMP drink.  

Halfway into Bus. Law my leg started twitching and I was taking notes faster than ever and it was suddenly the most interesting subject ever.  I must have asked 30 or more questions, and leaving the class I was practically bouncing off the wall and could barely contain myself.  I got back to my room and got ready to go the gym, but decided to use some of that extra energy to check off some things on the to-do list first.  I was so hyper that my hand were visibly shaking. Ended up getting into a five-hour conversation, which somehow felt more like two hours, during which I was still super jittery and just all over the place.

Got back to my room and chatted for another hour....went to bed at 1:30am and didn't sleep AT ALL. Got out of bed about five times but couldn't focus enough to read or work on any one project.  It's now 7:30 am and I'm still "high" from an energy drink I had over 15 hours ago.

WHAT is in this stuff?? 


  1. Amp Energy Drink Ingredients: Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup and/or sugar, citric acid, orange juice from concentrate, natural flavors, guarana, sodium benzoate, sodium polyphosphates, maltodextrin, caffeine, gum arabic, erythoric acid, taurine, panax ginseng, calcium disodium edta (to product flavor), potassium benzoate, brominated vegetable oil, yellow 5

    The basic ingredients (ie, the stuff that gives AMP it's 'kick') in the AMP energy drinks are: caffeine, taurine, B vitamins, L-carnitine, guarana, and maltodextrin.

    Hey Shirah, hope you are winding down a bit. Probably hard to do at this time of day with such little sleep/rest, and the rest of the day ahead. Just on a wild guess, you've got a lot going on (to say the least) which can cause a little stress, and create the initial sleeplessness (ok, going on record: am NOT a doctor!(ha) ... just reflecting on my own experiences...).

    As with most typical health advice; eat healthy, get a few minutes of some kind of exercise (running to class, meetings, etc doesn't count), meditate/disengage from your 'work', try to get some routine sleep habits (even at a minimum). Try to be aware if you're getting 'stressed'(saying all of this with the understanding of all you have to do, etc., and that you're probably doing as well as you can, all things considered...).

    If you don't drink many drinks like AMP, or much caffeine period, I can certainly see it adding to the cycle of sleeplessness. Hard cycle; can't sleep, take caffeine, etc, can't sleep more, overtired, more caffeine, etc...

    But, you're young and vigorous, so you'll 'recover' fairly quickly.

    Sorry if too much info. Such situations happen to us all now and then.
    Get rest! Feel better!
    Best, Ray...


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