Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Letter "K"

The letter "k" is far superior to most letters of the alphabet.  

It so happens that "k"s are present in most every language, and they seem to be universally pronounced as the hard "ck" sound.  This is not so with the letter "c," which alone can say "sss," "ch," "sh," and "ck."  Vowel sounds are even worse, as their pronunciations differ drastically between languages and even between dialects of the same language. 

"I" can say short "i," "ee," "eye"...."A" can say "ay" as in "say," "aa" as in "lamb," "ah" as in the French pronunciation of "Paris."  And when combined with other vowels!?  The possibilities are endless.

So if your name starts with, or even contains, the fantastic letter "k," you are a lucky, lucky person.  For it is much more likely that your name will be pronounced correctly than if your name was Shirah. My name is currently at an all time low, being pronounced correctly (by new acquaintances) about negative 2.8% of the time.  I'm sure that if my name was Shirak, my correct-pronunciation rate would go up by at least 99%. 

But this is just speculation.


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