Friday, February 17, 2012

The one thing you can control

I just saw this on Facebook and cringed. This is so NOT my philosophy in life and, in fact, I think it's wrong on so many levels.  If you want to live on an emotional roller coaster and allow yourself to be ruled by the whims of others, subscribe to the perspective espoused below....

But notice that many individuals whom society regards as successful, fulfilled, and positively influential have taken the opposite approach:
"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."  - Thomas Jefferson 
"Happiness doesn't depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude."
- Dale Carnegie 
"The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude." - Oprah Winfrey 
"We cannot change our past. We can not change the fact that people act in a certain way. We can not change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude." - Charles R. Swindoll
"I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances." - Martha Washington
"The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes." - William James

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." - Winston Churchill

Your attitude is one of the very few things in life that you actually do have the power to control. Why in the world would you give that up!??


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