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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Discover an Artistic Prodigy


During my time in Oregon this year I had the privilege of watching my sister Toreah complete several art pieces, expertly - and seemingly effortlessly - turning ideas into concepts and sketches and finally finished, tangible oeuvres.  At age 17, her ability to capture soul-stirring emotion while telling a story in her work is incredible.

When VANS shoe company solicited designs from high school students across the US, Toreah submitted a design under the "Local Taste" theme and, along with 4 of her classmates, has made it into the semifinals!
It takes 1 click (and no registration) to put your vote in, so check out some of Toreah's work below and then follow this link to support her by voting by Friday, May 9th for North Medford High School in VANS' popular vote contest.  She could win a trip to New York City, see her shoe design manufactured, and win $60,000 for her school's art program!   
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