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Everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes. 

I seem to find it in the strangest of places.  Often it's a person, a story, a photo, a place, even a blog!  These are some of the people and things that inspire me every day.

First, I've been amazed by my extremely talented peers at Belmont University. Something all musicians at Belmont seem to share is a musical maturity beyond their years.  Many of them, like Corrina Logston, have played with big names, like Alison Krauss, for example.   Natalie Royal is perhaps my most favorite new find; I just can't get enough of her music!  Ashley Gearing, another of the girls that lives on my floor, is the youngest female to enter Billboard's Hot Country Singles chart with her hit, 'Can You Hear Me When I Talk to You.'  One of my friends and co-workers, Dan Storm, has just released his new mixtape "Sides.".  Special surprise: I'm on it!  Just listen for the girly voice speaking French :)  And a new dynamic duo I just discovered this spring, Elenowen, a husband-wife team whose voices blend beautifully.

One little girl has completely stolen my heart with her beautiful compositions and eagerness to share her talent.  Emily Bear, having won an ASCAP award for a piece called "Northern Lights" that she composed at the age of five, has even been compared to Mozart.  Her performance of "Northern Lights" brings me to tears almost every time; I've downloaded everything she has available on iTunes.

I've always been fascinated with child prodigies. I like to check back every now and then and see how their work and talent progresses.  A friend told me about Akiane just a year ago, and I've been inspired by her work ever since.  It's just breathtaking. 

I visit every time I need a little boost in motivation.  It always gets me dreaming.  One of my goals is to come up with something so cool that one day I'm invited to speak at a TED conference.   

My favourite musicians
Nolwenn Leroy - Folk/Bretonne/Celtic
Joshua Radin - Indie/Americana
Taylor Swift - when I'm homesick for Tennessee

I update this page as I find new inspiring people and stories to share, so check back often!
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