Wednesday, August 04, 2010

My idea of a perfect day.... when you're cleaning up from dinner and the leftovers fit perfectly into the tupperware.
Especially when it was a good dinner.

Tonight mom made chicken cacciatore with black beans and corn on the cob.  It had to be one of the best meals  I've had all summer.  But you know what just put it over the top?  When I was putting the leftovers away, there was a medium sized Glad-to-go container that fit the chicken perfectly.  And there was even a small container for the 1/3 cup of little black beans that were scattered at the bottom of the sauce pan.  But you'll never believe what I found when I opened the cabinet....a long, narrow, medium-height container which had to be custom made for the three cobs of corn that remained.  AND the matching lid was laying right beside it.  A true miracle.

I closed the fridge and walked out of the kitchen with my head held high.  I had achieved an amazing feat of finesse in the kitchen.

Perfect.  Just perfect.


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