Thursday, August 19, 2010

No Time to Blog!

In the past seven days I have:

  • Driven to Boise for Chason's graduation from Northwest Lineman College
  • Spent way too much time (approx. 49 hours) studying's a full-time job
  • Had a complete car makeover in preparation for the trip to Nashville, and because my daddy loves me so much, he doesn't want me to ever break down. (New timing belt, serpentine belt, transmission fluid & oil change, new freon...the works!)
  • Stocked up on all the no-sales-tax dorm snacks and school supplies my car can hold
  • Hung out with family in town from San Francisco....saw a cousin I haven't seen in 10 years :)
  • Successfully navigated six restaurants and party events without getting sick from gluten!
  • Got dropped from all my Fall semester classes after a financial aid crisis, but enlisted the help of some great Belmont administrators who are making it possible for me to go back to Belmont this fall
  • Not been to the gym nearly enough to relieve all this stress
  • Downloaded a few audiobooks for FREE! for the drive to Nashville (
  • Received the 19 textbooks I ordered online for this semester
  • Swapped crazy European travel stories with some family friends that just got back from a 3-month Euro tour in an RV
  • Completed mid-terms for my two online Accounting classes
  • Celebrated Raam's 10th birthday with a big family ice cream party
  • Started packing my car...ETD is 4am tomorrow!


  1. I look forward to hearing about your road trip. We missed your mom on Sunday at Esquivel's.


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