Friday, May 25, 2012

In Hopes of Leaving Kathmandu

It's everywhere: More filth than I've ever seen.  I can't get used to it. I don't want to get used to it. I've never been so eager to get out of a city. 

There is trash - piles of it - on every corner and in every gutter. The sidewalk is often 4 feet above the street, and the trash pile attains at least the 3-foot mark. The smell is suffocating.  I fight the urge to throw up every time we reach the main road.
My only hope is in the Himalayas. I know things will be much different there.  I can handle few amenities: no hot water, dirt floors, a simple mattress on the floor to sleep on, rice & lentils three times a day.  But I absolutely cannot warm up to the trash.  One volunteer - a girl from Perth, Australia - has been here a week or two and said yesterday, "Oh, you get used to it. After a while the trash doesn't really bother you so much."

I'd rather not wait and find out.  After my one-week intensive language course, I will be so glad to get out of Kathmandu and fly up to Lukla in the high Himalayas.  From there it's not a 2-hour trek to the monastery, as originally suggested, but rather a 4-hour trek.  I'm happy to hear we'll be even more removed from the incessantly littering public.


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