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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kathmandu in Photos - Part I

View from the hostel roof
Looking down onto the 3rd floor deck & neighborhood
Looking up at the hostel - our "home" away from home!
Just a typical street....cows have right of way, small children look after
themselves, and chickens roam. 
Every gutter is a trash bin
Some cute little Nepali boys I met on a walk near the hostel
Nepali language class!
The most tame of my butcher shop photos
In the hostel, Will & Mariane plan their hiking trip in Pokhara
Forget the Caterpillars, Nepalis do road work by hand.
This man literally has a chisel & hammer in hand, and sits precariously
in the middle of traffic.  This day in particular was a lucky one for him,
because the strike meant that there was no traffic.
During a strike day kids don't have school, and turn the empty streets into
cricket and soccer fields.
The foulest smelling aroma I've ever encountered emanates from this river.
I can barely keep myself from fainting when walking over this bridge, and
my heart breaks for the families I see living on the banks,
under a few planks of wood that you can barely even call a shack.
A little boy chases pigeons in Durbar Square
Durbar Square - the old town
more trash
Emma from Hong Kong, Joanna from Singapore, me, and Mariane from Quebec
A buddhist temple near Durbar Square
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