Saturday, July 07, 2012

Trek to Everest Base Camp - Part II

Trekking buddies! Adrianna, Joanna, Emma, and Me
Tyangboche Monastery, 3880 m
Leaving the high plateau that hosts Tyangboche Monastery, we follow a
wide trail down to Debuche.
Joanna says this part of the trail looks like Singapore!
Success! Day 2 destination: Debuche, 3750 m
Our favorite lodge: the Rivendell in Debuche. Why? First, it's named after
Tolkien's elf land, but more importantly, they have the BEST peanut butter
on the whole trail!
The daily routine: wake up by 5:30 AM, breakfast at 6:30. We're on the trail
by 7:30 and crash at our new lodge by around 2 PM. A few hours of reading
and washing clothes, then an early 5:30 PM dinner and we're in bed by 7:00!
Katas (prayer scarves) and prayer flags blow in the wind as we cross one
of the sturdier suspension bridges on the Everest trail.
Joanna and Emma step aside to let a train of yaks and mules pass by.
A simple pile of stones becomes a stupa (monument)
in a deserted land
In the distance, low stone walls mark property lines and serve as corrals for
the yaks and dri (female yaks) of steppe farmers
"Hi Mom! I'm calling from the Everest trail!" She was surprised :)
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