Saturday, July 07, 2012

Trek to Everest Base Camp - Part III

Don't slip!
This dog trekked with us for three days! Dogs here aren't really "strays,"
but rather just community supported!
Water-carved natural trails lead the way up and make it fun to traipse over
springy ground.
Look mom! A Nepali rock for your garden!
rest stop
Day 3 - success! Destination: Dingbuche, 4410 m
Trekkers' breakfast - load up on peanut butter!
My first gluten poisoning in Nepal. Of course, I should have known that the
"Italian Omelet" would come with noodles inside! And to think I assumed
the hint of Italy would come from rosemary seasoning!
Ama Dublam, 6812 m (22,349 ft) - My favorite Himalayan peak
Ama Dablam, 6812 m
a perfect acclimatization day in Dingbuche
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