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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Trek to Everest Base Camp - Part V

I think we walked straight up onto the moon!
Every day holds new challenges, new views, and surprises around every
glacier pools - we're nearing base camp!
down below: Gorak Shep, 5100 m and 2.5 hours beyond that...Base Camp!
After hiking all morning, we stop in Gorak Shep to eat lunch and settle into our
rooms, then set off for Base Camp. I was lucky to have absolutely no problems
with hiking at altitude, but I lost two nights of sleep since I felt like I was
suffocating every time I closed my eyes. I just couldn't catch my breath!
By the time we reached Gorak Shep on Day 7, I was so exhausted! At this point
running solely on adrenaline.
Base camp! We made it!! Showing a little school pride here with our
guide, Dzangbu.
Looking out over the glaciers at Base Camp. Everest is hidden in the clouds.
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