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Friday, July 24, 2009


What did you see in Nashville that surprised you? Why? What does that mean, given the fact that you've been a Nashville resident for some time now?

I had fun during our first outing of the trip, here in Nashville. I finally got to check a few things off of my touristy to do list....things that I've been wanting to do for some time now but had never gotten around to.

Up towards the top of my list was a visit to Hatch Show Print (click to watch short video). The lobby area is pretty small, so I hope some day I can go back and get a tour so I can see exactly how they do the silk screening (which is the method they use, I think.) I was surprised to learn how unique they are and how famous the company is all around the world. Not only are they old -- printing since 1879 -- but apparently the machinery and method they use to make their posters is uncommon these days.

When I first arrived in Nashville, I wasn't expecting much more than little bars, country music, and lots of farms. So I was surprised when I heard several people refer to Nashville as "Nashvegas" -- I'm still not quite sure if that's supposed to be a sarcastic remark on our lack of nightlife, or if it's a genuine compliment to the nightlife we do have. (Any thoughts???)

I can't say that I was surprised by how the tourist shops and museums (like the Ryman) protrayed Nashville. I was more surprised to discover all of the other elements of Nashville--the easygoing and relatively tight-knit community, the abundance and quality of artists who haven't made it big yet (the "small-name" musicians, as I call them), and the incredible number and diversity of churches. Oh, and the number of restaurants that aren't Southern Cooking! That was a pleasant surprise.


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