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Friday, November 27, 2009

Three Holidays

It's been a whirlwind of a month! Even with the enormous workload I've had this semester, I was pretty good about inserting some fun into my week every now and then. I mentioned a while back that I'm leading a college community group with my church this year. A few weeks ago we set out to the pumpkin patch in hopes of bringing home a bunch to paint/carve, but unfortunately it was 7pm (and dark) by the time we got there and the patch was closed.

Our subsequent pumpkin-shopping spree at the local grocery store resulted in a rather goofy photo shoot and a memorable night. Here's a sample....

(click photos to enlarge)

(I love the expression on the face of the innocent passerby in the background!)

My birthday came sooner than expected and during one of the busiest weeks of my life. Even though I had talked to my mom about it the night before, I actually woke up the next day and made it all the way until 10 o'clock without realizing it was my birthday. It wasn't until my mom called that I remembered!
A big surprise was waiting for me when I got back to my room that afternoon. My mom had sent two huge boxes of presents. That surprised look on my face is completely genuine. It was such a surprising day....seemingly out of the blue it turned out to be my birthday... and presents too?! I think that forgetting your birthday (even after being reminded a few times) is a sign that you have too much on your plate!

My birthday this year was on a Wednesday, so naturally our community group met as usual. One of the guys' birthdays was a few days before mine, and another girl's was just a few days later, so I picked up a cake for them on the way. Little did I know, they had driven all over town looking for a gluten free cake for me! The closest thing to be found was a gluten free apple pie and soy ice cream....I was very appreciative :)

20 years already...I can't believe it!

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving Break I had a few requests from my residents who were leaving town. They all needed fish sitters (fish are the only pets allowed in the dorms, so there's quite the collection around here). Since I was planning on staying here I accepted, and realized that there were probably several more girls who didn't have fish-sitting arrangements for their precious pets. I didn't want any fish casualties on my floor, so I put up a little sign just in case.

Apparently there were a few fishies yet to be farmed out for the weekend, because this is what I found when I got home that night.....

This picture makes me smile :)

My cousin Kelsey and I, being from the West Coast, don't have the privilege of going home for Thanksgiving like our Southern friends, but we were so blessed to spend the day with the Alessi Family in their beautiful home just a few miles south of Nashville. Caleigh (in the pink skirt) and I work together as Resident Assistants in a freshman dorm here at Belmont. We've gotten to spend a lot of time together during the semester and have become good friends. I was so excited when she invited Kelsey and I to her home for Thanksgiving; I could tell that she came from a very welcoming and easygoing family. And I wasn't mistaken! Her entire family was just wonderful and included Kels and I in everything.
It was actually an experience eerily similar to our typical family get-together back in California. The menu was almost identical - and just as delicious - and the family dynamics were great....very, very similar to a Foy-Wilman family get together!

After a delicious Thanksgiving lunch we all sat down to sing carols together. The three aunts with their beautiful voices and soft harmonies were accompanied by a brother on guitar....just like my dad and his three sisters!

Kelsey and I had fun picking out which of Caleigh's relatives corresponded with our own :)

We even performed a duet for the family: "Walking in a Winter Wonderland"

Caleigh and Kelsey singing along...Kelsey inherited the beautiful voice of her mother, and Caleigh is a Musical Theatre major with her own gorgeous voice, so it was truly a pleasure to listen to this sing-along session!

Caleigh's adorable little cousins,
Annabelle (5) and Emiline (7)

Kelsey and I
(I never noticed how much we actually look alike!)

Caleigh and I

All in all, it's been a great month, and a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Caleigh: I am so blessed to have a friend like you!


  1. I'm so glad you and Kelsey had a Thanksgiving that so closely resembled our family's!!! Now I can't wait to have you here at the authentic holiday celebration! Love you! Aunt Lo


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