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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sunday Afternoons

Sunday has always been family day. In Medford we'd always go to church together, the eight of us taking up an entire row of seats.  Mom likes to sit near the front so we'd get there early to grab seats and then hang out for at least an hour after the service, mom and dad chatting it up with friends while the six of us spent some quality sibling time....teasing, poking, laughing, dog-piling, joking, telling stories, lounging, etc.

With dad, at a Sunday afternoon bluegrass festival
Our family tradition is to 'graze' in Costco's free sample corridor before filling up on dollar-fifty hotdog and soda combos. More often than not we could convince mom or dad that it would really be to their benefit to let us substitute a giant ice cream sundae or fruit smoothie -- at only $1.35 each, they'd have a savings of 15 cents! With bellies full we'd be on our way...up the hill to Grambo and Papa Dick's, or to a park, or on a drive, or to one of the kids' soccer, baseball, football, basketball, or volleyball games.

I've been out on my own for a few years now, and I feel like I've adjusted to an independent adult life pretty well. And for having spent so much time away from my family as a teenager, it's almost surprising that I've never been homesick. I live so much in the "here and now" - I'm always engaged with the people and events in my immediate proximity to the point that I almost don't have time to spend missing the ones that aren't here.  

Sunday afternoon pumpkin picking excursion

Sunday afternoons are the exception.

It's the only time that I really feel that hole - the place where family is supposed to go. It's not like I don't have things to do...study, tutor, babysit, they all need to get done. But I want something more to look forward to on Sunday afternoons. I miss that assurance of having family to eat lunch with, walk in the park, go to museums and sporting events. I miss being able to not plan, knowing that I'm already built into someone else's plans. I'll just go along with what they're doing and have a great time. I plan every day of my life now - why would I want to plan Sundays too? I guess I just want some down time where I don't have to be independent.  

Is it a bad thing that I would welcome an opportunity to be just a little dependent? I wish someone would come along and say: "Hey. From now on, every Sunday afternoon, you will do whatever I'm doing. It will be fun. Don't plan anything."  


  1. Don't worry. Your wish will eventually come true. Until then, God is already saying that to you. Listen, and you'll hear it...


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