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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Taking a break, Predators style

I haven't posted in the last week or so, mostly because breathing and sleeping are a little higher on my priority list.  I've been under the gun every day to meet another just-announced deadline.  Fortunately, I've finished developing my thesis survey and submitted my research application to the Institutional Review Board on Wednesday.  I'm going to be piloting my survey very soon (probably next week), and I would really appreciate you taking it and giving me feedback on how it goes.  It's important that we minimize respondent fatigue and make sure the directions are adequate.  More details to come on this.

Thursday, I found out I got a great scholarship, but then had to provide a lot of documentation in order to receive it. Between sending out visa applications, transcripts, scholarship documentation, and security forms to a million different organizations this week, the FedEx people have gotten to know me pretty well. 

I did finally get a much-needed break tonight, though, and it was fantastic. This morning a family I tutor for offered me a solo ticket for the Nashville Predators game tonight (that's hockey, for you non-fans). And for once in a long while, I actually had a free night. (Well, actually I was supposed to start packing, but once in a while I try to be spontaneous - moving can wait til tomorrow.) I was really excited that I would get to go to the game alone -- I like the type of adventures where I just get to wander around by myself and see what I find. And this wasn't just any ticket.  It was arguably one of the best seats in the arena:  the corner seat in the first-row, just inches from the rink.  My knees were literally against the glass and I could see everything, the entire rink at the same time.  There was no one else in my row when I got there, or even for the first period, so I got to chatting with the camera guy next to me.  He thought my date had stood me up, until I told him I didn't have a date, and it was so funny - he told me over and over how great it was that I just came alone.

At one point a fight broke out just inches away from me, and the hockey puck was slammed in my face from across the rink several times.  That'll make you flinch. I know practically nothing about hockey, but this is the 3rd Preds game I've been to, and by far the best. It's exciting to be so close to everything, but it felt almost surreal. Only a sheet of plexiglass separated me from the madness, and at times I forgot it was even there. I definitely ducked a few times when the puck came flying at me, and was almost surprised to see it stopped by the glass.

Halfway through the second period, one of the people behind me had seen my ticket and told me that the "All Access" tab attached to it meant that I could visit the Patron Platinum Club -- a bar/restaurant on the 2nd level.  It was neat; I went to see the live post-game radio show that was broadcast from there. One of the players came down for an interview, too. 

Oh, and we won, 5-2. So overall a pretty good night.    :)


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