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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jackie Evancho

Everyone knows I have a soft spot for child prodigies.  The raw talent of these individuals blows my mind on a regular basis.  This little girl simply takes my breathe away!

Miniature opera sensation Jackie Evancho was discovered on America's Got Talent a few years ago. Here's her latest performance - at the Wall Street Journal's Christmas Party. Here's the catch: She's 11 years old!

Want to see more?  Google "Jackie Evancho" - and prepare to be amazed :)


  1. Jackie is now 11 and will be 12 on April 9th. She was however, 10 years old on Americas Got Talent when she stunned audiences with O Mio Babbino Caro on 8-10-10. She has sold over 2 million albums and just finished making a movie with Robert Redford...and that is a small glimpse of what she has accomplishedin her first year as a professional recording artist

  2. Jackie is beyond comprehension, so no wonder she takes your breath away, as she does to so many others....as well as gives goosebumps to and makes tears stream down faces of. This is a lucky planet to have little, Miss Jackie on-board!

  3. Shirah: Look up the recent Washington Post and WQXR pieces by Tim Page, who opposes child prodigies and has accused Evancho's parents of exploiting her, comparing her to JonBenet Ramsey. I guess they give out Pulitzer Prizes now for slander.

    Sam in NYC


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