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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Women: Natural Entrepreneurs?

The author of a blog dedicated to earning passive income online recently wrote about the strength of women entrepreneurs in a post titled Why Women Do So Well Starting Businesses.  I can't find a name on the site, but judging by the site design, content, and writing style, I'm guessing this blogger is male.

He claims women are predisposed to be great "entrepreneurettes" -- as I've dubbed them -- for several reasons.

  1. Historically women have been independent (managing the home alone) while men have been off working in groups (hunting, fighting, etc.)
    ....he seems to be asserting that self-starting is now in our genes or social fabric.
  2. Women are more comfortable asking for help.
  3. Women are more accustomed to tasks that are "meticulous and repetitive."
    The author cites food preparation and sewing. I think a better description is "detail oriented."
  4. Women have more experience facing adversity
The underlying thesis is that all of the above traits or skills are useful and/or necessary to start and run a business.  My question for other women: What do you think of this blogger's assessment?  What other gender-specific traits or experiences present advantages or disadvantages for women entrepreneurs?


  1. Women try harder, because we have to!

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  3. women entrepreneurship is inherent and also a natural process. Women are naturally endowed with the qualities of entrepreneurship. Just like maternity is a creative capacity involving risk of life.


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