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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Autumn in Helsinki: a photo recap

It's been a fun autumn! Moving to Helsinki,
getting settled in a new school & with new friends,
enjoying a new climate!  It's a sort of gloomy
Saturday afternoon here, now, so the perfect time
to pull a few months' worth of photos off my camera!

Here are some illustrations of daily life in Helsinki:

The TUAS building (Dept of Industrial Engineering & Mgmt)
 where most of my courses are held. 

Overlooking the TUAS library.
I love how the whole building is made of glass!

The guy who changed the name plate on our front
door (when we moved in) isn't too familiar with
foreign last names, and somehow thought that Maya's
& my last name was one and the same.
So for a few weeks we were the "Winslowfoy" sisters!

View from my bedroom window

I walk about 5 blocks to the underground bus
station where I can catch one that takes me right
to school in about 15 mins.

Inside a grocery store.

On the bus (earlier in September when we actually
saw the sun!)

The main building at Aalto's School of Technology
campus in Otaniemi.

Chatting with about half the Strategy group!
Is this photo alone we have folks from Russia,
Detroit, Finland, Iran, Australia, and Germany.

Munching on reindeer snacks
at the open house of a textile shop
at the end of my block, owned by
my Finnsh Aunt's friend.

Maya and I enjoy Finnish
reindeer & Finnish Fazer suklaa

Saturday morning walk at Kauppatori, which
literally means "Marketsquare".

Salmon, potatoes, and veggies
on the grill at Kauppatori.

"lovely Finnish carrots"

mmmm...wild mushrooms!

Finnish lingonberries, very tart!

Local elections were last week; here's Päivi exercising her right to vote!  As a resident, I have
the right to vote in these local elections as well, but
only after I've been here for two years.

After voting, Päivi, her friend Kyösti, and I took
a walk to my favorite cafe, Carusel, to enjoy a coffee
on the warmest terrace in Helsinki!
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