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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Turning Point

I was at a local private school today and at one point, while sitting in the headmaster's office, commented to him: "This has been lovely.  If I'm in Finland when I get married and have kids, perhaps I'll consider sending them here."

His response: "Oh....you're not married?" - with disbelief in his voice and genuine surprise in his eyes.

Am I already here? At the age where people expect that I'm married?

Mom and Dad haven't started asking for grandkids yet.
My grandparents haven't started asking for great-grandkids yet.
I think it's just the headmaster's wishful thinking; hoping I'll add a few more kiddos to his roster...


  1. Or maybe he was thinking, "...ooohh, so she IS available..."

  2. His wife was sitting next to him... :)

  3. Ya shirah you better starting whipping those little gremlins out. Tick rock tick tock


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