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Saturday, March 20, 2010

This blog just got a makeover!

Dear Devoted Readers,
I'd like to invite you to visit my new blog, The Space Between. 
A lot has happened in the last few weeks, and I felt it necessary to re-engineer my blog to reflect the changes in my life.  I've certainly enjoyed giving Ma vie, racontée a makeover! 
New features include:
  • a navigation bar at the top of the page -- use this to jump between the Blog roll and other pages, such as my Purpose, Travels, Projects, Service, and Inspiration pages.
  • a search bar -- now you can type in a keyword to find posts I've written about your favorite topics.
  • a "share it" widget halfway down the page in the right-hand column -- click either icon to share any of your favorite posts on twitter or facebook.
  • a new format -- hopefully you'll find this template aesthetically pleasing and easy to read.  
Some of the new pages are still under construction, as it is somewhat of a time-consuming task to create quality content.  I'll do my best to keep you updated as the site further develops. Meanwhile, I'd love to hear your feedback on what's working and what can be improved.
Thanks for reading,
Shirah Eden


  1. I really enjoyed perusing the made-over blog. Thank you so much for your encouragements of late, Shirah- they meant a lot to me! It has been fantastic to follow your adventures, starting with Belgium and zipping through Australia, China and all across the United States. I can't wait to read about your next road trip and upcoming experiences in Russia. At some point in space and time, I know our coordinates will intersect, and we will interface happily once again. :)


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