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Monday, April 05, 2010


My blog has been getting a lot of attention lately.  It's great because every time I click "Publish" I have this sense of accomplishment that I've created something--thought it up, written it down, made it blogworthy.  It serves as an escape from homework, an indirect procrastination mechanism.  Let me tell you, if you need an excuse to put something off, you really need a blog.  It's this magical thing that "demands" attention.  Because people are going to visit, they're going to want to read something new.  Even if the world is crashing down around you.....you can't let the readers down!

I know, I know.  It's a false sense of urgency.  It's the urgency I should be feeling about the final draft of that thesis prospectus that was due last week.  But some things you just can't rush.  And a thesis prospectus is one of those things.  The thing is, when it's ready, it just flows out.  Like the music that flows out of the end of a conductor's baton.  If you can just wait for the right time, the polished prose will gurgle up out of your brain so fast your fingers won't be able to type fast enough.  But between those wordy extravaganzas I sometimes just want to yell at my professor: "Stop!  Don't make me try to write it now! You're making it worse!  We just need to wait!"  And nobody will believe me, because everyone knows that college students these days don't really want to learn.  But when it all comes out they'll see. They'll see that it just takes time.  All that information - all seventy three of my sources - are rolling around in my head, forming a cohesive plan slowly but surely.  I just hope that my ideas can get their act together in time! 
The end of the semester draws near!


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