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Monday, January 24, 2011

Dutch Architecture: Colonial Style Meets Post-Modernism

The IT building at the university in Nijmegen.

Office building near the train station in Nijmegen

The traditional Dutch roofs are both elegant and symmetrical.

The white "stripes" evoke a sort of Medici feel.

The banner across the top of this building says:
"God calls you...Jesus loves you"

Hadrien posing in front of the beautiful Amsterdam train station.

I'm convinced there's no structural purpose for those little red boxes adorning the top of this office building.
Just a little postmod' flare.

Why didn't I think to carve nude cherubims above my front door?

The Hague - Town Hall.
Pretty impressive at night when it's all lit up. Only Holland could get away with such a flamboyant display in today's energy-concious world...after all they are the leading producers and researchers of alternative energy.


  1. I love "The Hauge"...probably because i love all the lights! All the buildings look so interesting-i would love to go and see it in person. -Tiffany Miller


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