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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More around Brussels

This sketch of Le Grand Place is very similar to the one I bought there yesterday for my mom.  I think she'll like it a lot.

I wanted to share a few more photos from the last few days....

This first one is the park Tervuren in Brussels - one of the many immaculately manicured parks around Brussels.

These next photos are close-ups of some of the decorative façades in old town Brussels.

La Place Royale
I love that there is room in this intersection for at least 5 lanes, and yet no one sees any need to paint lines.
Perhaps they are simply well aware that no one would respect the painted lanes anyway, and so have saved themselves the time and paint.

Adjacent to La Place Royale. Walk to the end of this street, turn left, and continue one block, and you'll arrive at the US Embassy.
It's difficult to tell, but this is a very old, crusty and rusted, intricate and ornate steel spire.
A group of casual statues, looking very statuesque. 


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