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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A 5th Grader's Solution to Inflation

I was on the phone with my mom last night, when Raam, my youngest brother, calls out,

"Hey Mom! Tell Shirah I know how to get rid of inflation...
                     ...Just wait a while, let the earth get more populated, and then more of the money will get used."

Raam has been an avid talk-radio listener since he was about five, and he's always coming up with solutions to boost the economy or solve some social issue.  The kid is beyond his years in terms of understanding concepts that a lot of people wouldn't discuss until high school, or even college.

My mom said the other day they were doing homework together, and she had paused, while Raam was working on a math problem, so she could catch some political discussion that was on in the background.  When the segment ended and she looked back down, Raam was sitting there, clearly lost in thought, until he popped up with, "Man, mom, we gotta do something about Obama."

When mom told me that last night I died laughing. This kid cracks me up!


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