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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

She thinks my life warrants a book?

I had the privilege of having lunch today with two of my favourite ladies in the world...my great friend Caleigh and her mama, Miss Stacie.  (We don't do first names in the South -- if a person is more than a few years older than you it's always Mr., Mrs., Miss., Dr., etc.) We went to homey, family-style Italian place called Buca di Beppo which had quite possibly the most complex floor plan I've ever seen in a restaurant.  I spent literally 3+ minutes weaving in and out of little corridors, looking for the restroom, and walked into enough broom closets and kitchen doors and off-limits rooms that the manager even chased me down and personally escorted me to the restroom. 

Anyway, I was in the middle of relaying my latest dilemmas, triumphs, and unusual experiences in everything from my upcoming Russia trip to my thesis to dynamics in the dorm to my wonderful women's small group to exciting developments at work to the latest in confusing guys, when Miss Stacie interrupts me and says, "You know, you have an interesting life. You should write a book."  

I didn't quite know what to say.  I had definitely snickered a few months ago when I heard that Justin Bieber, at the ripe old age of 16, was already publishing a book of
Memoires.  Because really, memoires are about remembering and writing down something that you've had time to forget.  And at 16 you haven't really had time to forget much.  So that's out.  I'm too young to write a memoire.  

Seeing as I do not have the gift of prophesy, and am much too attached to the concrete world to write fiction, this leaves me with the present to write about.  Here's the thing about writing about the present (and it's something I often struggle with when publishing to this blog): How do you write about people and their present personalities, actions, thoughts, opinions, etc. without offending someone?  It's forgivable to critique someone's past action or opinion, but it seems a bit terse to do so right in the moment.  Sometimes, under circumstances of extreme hilarity (
see my entry on the Worst First Date Ever), I've taken the leap and written about a very current event without revealing the characters' identities.  But only certain situations warrant such drastic measures. 

I really do encounter some quite colourful characters on an almost daily basis. I so wish I could share them all with you.  Perhaps I'll go on a biographical blogging spree and spend a few days describing anonymous people in my life, and the crazy contexts in which I've found myself with them. And hopefully none of them recognize themselves in my writing, dislike my approach, and get mad at me. Of course some people would be off limits....I'm thinking blog-savvy professors, employers, university officials....anyone on which whose bad side I definitely would not want to find myself.  It's all about risk management.

So I don't know about a book, maybe some day, if my life continues to be interesting.  For now, my desire to write is more than met by this blog.  And I'm sure you all will let me know when it stops being interesting.  I would really appreciate that.  I really hope I'm not a boring blogger. 


  1. Shirah: I just re-read the Worst First Date Ever... I'm still ROFL! Still funny. You really should send that to a publisher.


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