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Sunday, October 24, 2010

TED Talk: Political Cartoonist Patrick Chappatte

Using clean, simple pencil strokes, editorial cartoonist Patrick Chappatte wields globally literate and to-the-point humor on world events -- the tragic, the farcical and the absurd.

Why you should listen to him:
Patrick Chappatte is a global soul. Born in Pakistan to a Lebanese mother and a Swiss father, raised in Singapore, he 

has lived in New York and lives now in Geneva, Switzerland. Perhaps this explains his way of looking at world events, applying the unfettered perspective of humor to the tragic, the farcical and the absurd.
His simple line delivers pointed jokes. He draws for The International Herald Tribune (in English) and for the Swiss newspapers Le Temps (in French) and NZZ am Sonntag (in German), and in all three languages the subtle insightfulness of his cartoons consistently robs you of a laugh, or more.
"Funny, sad, intelligent and thought-provoking, [Chappatte's cartoons] make up a fascinating chronicle of a period that has changed the planet, transforming it into another world."
Swiss News

I invite you to watch, below, my latest find on TED.com.  I was feeling that the jokes were a bit corny in the beginning, but as Chappatte kept talking, and transitioned into a more serious discussion of political unrest & divided countries, he held my attention.  I like his unorthodox approach to bridging the gap between opposing sides in religious, ethical, and political issues.


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