Thursday, July 15, 2010

I never knew there were so many of me!

Shira  (SHEE-rah)   שִׁירָה
Gender: Feminine
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: “poetry; singing.”

A popular name in Israel, the name comes directly from the Hebrew word meaning, “poetry; singing.”  As of 2008, Shira stood as the 2nd most popular female name among Jewish girls in Israel.  Another name which is related, but with a slightly different meaning, is Shiri שׁירי, which means, “my song.” The i-suffix in Hebrew denotes personal possession.
Shirah is a variant spelling of the English and Hebrew Shira.

A lady named Sarah Leah runs a site that hosts a comprehensive list of Hebrew names, and even sells artwork revolving around Hebrew names.  Since my siblings and I all have Hebrew names, I was thinking about gifting each of them one of these pretty pieces.  On second thought, my mom would probably appreciate a gift like that more than the kids.  It's too bad she reads my blog, otherwise I might have been able to surprise her with a picture/art collage for Mother's Day.  Here's one of the paintings titled "Shira."


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