Thursday, July 08, 2010

My first fashion blog

It's true.  Some people would scoff at my blog's lack of must-know fashion tips and tricks, but I guess those just don't rank very high up on my things-to-blog-about list.  (This is a real list, by the way.  You see, I have to segue into certain topics. If I just dumped my entire brain on you at once, I'm afraid that the expanse of my random musings may deter you from ever reading again.)  This being said, I will now share with you today's most exciting fashion moments.
While browsing the season's newest offerings at Target this afternoon, I happened upon a beautiful pair of glistening leopard-print pointy-toed flats.  I oohed and awed as was appropriate for the situation, and then looked longingly at the magnificent pair while dreaming up all the ways I could fit them into my wardrobe. To my delight, they were on clearance.  My heart skipped a beat as I realized that the last pair in the whole store was exactly my size.  It was providence.  Four dollars later, I was on my way with the steal of the century.

I know you're probably overwhelmed by this amazing deal.  But just wait, it gets better.
My mom wanted to check out St. Vincent de Paul's, what she explained as the Catholic version of Goodwill. I wasn't expecting to come away with anything as thrilling as my new leopard-print pointy-toed flats, but it was just my lucky day.  While rummaging through a rack of retro belts, in search of something rather normal, something red and shiny caught my eye.  I'm a sucker for shiny things; sometimes I'm no better than a kid in a candy shop.  My eyes popped as I turned that shiny red belt over to read, "Genuine Snakeskin." Really? Only two hundred cents would buy me a red, genuine snakeskin belt?  I just couldn't pass it up.

The fashion gods have smiled on me.


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