Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kuala Lumpur - 6 June 2008

While traveling through China in June/July 2008, I was usually only able to send and receive email through my blackberry.  My blackberry doesn't have the capacity to send updates to all the 234 people who subscribe to my blog, so I sent them to my mom and she tried to pass them on.  But I feel like The Space Between is a little incomplete without them, so I've finally tracked down all the updates I sent to my mom while I was in China, and I'm posting them now.  Isn't it amazing that we can search for and have access to emails that we sent two whole years ago? 

So here is the first update.  Background info: It's June 6th and I've just left Adelaide, South Australia where I was living with my aunt and uncle for three months, visiting with my cousins, and helping out in my aunt's restaurant.  I'm headed for Kuala Lumpur where I will transfer planes to Beijing.  

Well you'll never guess...
The Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) airport has a bunch of computer stations set up with free internet and stuff. 
I left Adelaide at 9am this morning and made it to Sydney by 11:30.  After a short layover I got on the 7.5 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur.  I got here at 9pm and have a four hour layover, so I got a coffee, took some pictures, and did some shopping.  It's a really nice place. I wish I could have come in the daytime so that I could venture out of the airport!
I should get to Beijing by 6:30 tomorrow morning.  Nothing very interesting has happened yet, although I sat next to a really nice Indian guy on the plane, who has been working in New Zealand for the past 8 months and has gotten citizenship, or at least a permanent residency permit, so he's on his way back to India to gather his wife and three year old daughter to bring them to New Zealand.  It was a very pleasant flight.
More updates to come!.... 


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