Sunday, July 18, 2010

6th Day in Beijing - 11 June 2008

**This is a never-before-published journal entry from June 2008.

Hi Mom! Sorry I couldn't call you back.  I went out for drinks in a group of five-- a boy from Panama, a Canadian-American girl, boy from Singapore, and boy from South Korea.  We've all lived in several countries and had a most interesting discussion on cultural identity.  It's about 1:30am now so I'm headed for dreamland.  The mattresses here are so firm, it's just a step above sleeping on a wood floor.  But you know what? It's wonderful.  I have never slept so well or felt so good in the morning.  My back, neck, hips, and shoulders feel great despite all the long days, short nights, miles of walking, and mental challenges of the trip.  This has truly been one of my most memorable trips yet.  More than anything, the knowlege and wisdom being imparted to me by my colleagues from over 50 countries is incredibly inspiring and has so much depth.  During a model UN debate today it occured to me that many of the people in that room may very well be a future UN delegate for their respective countries.  To know that such character and eagerness to seek truth and wisdom is an underlying foundation in our group gives me great hope and confidence in the future leaders of the world.


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