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Saturday, August 07, 2010

On prepping floors for linoleum

As part of an emergency remodel project, we're putting linoleum flooring into our bathrooms this weekend -- until we have time to lay down the beautiful travertine tiles that we purchased some time ago.  
Breaking from his baseboard prep work, Dad walks into the kitchen with a bag of goodies from Lowe's.

Dad: Okay, we're ready to lay down the skimcoat!

Jared: But wait...are you going to just put it over that one spot (in front of the shower) where there's a bunch of old glue?  It's gonna create a little bumpity-bump, ya know?

Dad: Yeah....but it'll take me forever to scrape all that off!

Shirah: Isn't that the spot right in front of the shower? I never even knew there were tiles there because that fuzzy shower mat is always laying there.

Dad: Oh yeah...the fuzzy mat.  Fuzzy mat covers a multitude of sins. 

I laughed so hard!


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