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Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Tooth Fund

My parents have been so gracious about helping me transition into all the financial responsibilities that come with leaving the nest and starting my own adult life.  They still cover my cell phone (thanks to my sneaking onto the "Family Plan" before leaving to college) as well as auto and health insurance, and they take care of pretty much all my expenses while I'm home during the summer.  But last year was a big step in this transitional process of breaking away financially: I started to take on my own dental expenses. 

And I've come to the conclusion that this very well could be the best thing that ever happens to my teeth.  I have adopted an entirely new approach to tooth care; I think about my teeth all the time.  And I've become a steady three-times-daily brusher.  I floss every night, and I'm religious about using the tongue scraper and those little metal dental picks that you can use to check for any remaining plaque on your teeth.  I've noticed that I pay attention more to how much sugar I eat, and I've started to feel anxious about brushing my teeth after eating a treat.  

I hope I'm not making this sound like an obsession -- don't worry, it's not.  I'm just more aware of those little white fixtures in my mouth because I've realized their power to drain my pocketbook!  I've been blessed with a great set of chompers -- they grew in straight without braces, not too big or too small, they seem to be pretty stain-resistant, and most of my molars even have four roots (something my dentist says is pretty rare).  I've had exactly one cavity in my life up till now, and now that I'm having to budget for dental work and draw from my Tooth Fund to get a few small ones filled, I've found myself becoming more gung-ho about preventative measures.  

It makes me wonder what other small facets of life will become more significant as I take on more and more of those obscure living costs to which kids are oblivious.  


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